Private cruises

Bhaya Legend Cruise

  Joining Bhaya Legend Cruise, tourists will be offered exclusive, customized private charter Day Cruises through Halong Bay and the Gulf of Tonkin. Bhaya Legend Cruise creates the feelings of elegance, intimate privacy, and luxury with dedicated group of crews who are always willing to serve tourists personal requests.  Bhaya Legend also highly appreciates the tourists’ flexibility that you can freely choose your own itinerary, where to go and what activities to do. Therefore, it is understandable when Bhaya Legend Cruise claim that it lets you create your legend. One more special thing about Bhaya Legend Cruise is that it cares more about the environment in which it offers the sustainable cruises with effective energy saving, waste water treatment, organic products used on the boat….


Princess Cruise - Indochina Junk

Launched in September 2007, Princess Cruise is designed in the style of the traditional sailing boats of Halong Bay. It is also the first small deluxe one-cabin junk in Halong Bay with high sophistication and luxury. From the moment you step aboard to the time you disembark, you will be surrounded by luxurious handcrafted teak and oak woodwork and pampered in luxury. Specially designed for honeymooners and couples, Princess Cruise will create an unforgettable romantic trip for its tourists, together with them to discover the hidden tranquility of the bay.


Paradise Privilege

Paradise Privilege is an invitation for tourists to cruise around Halong bay onboard your own private luxury apartment. Designed to accommodate 6 to 8 people per boat in two Deluxe Cabins and one Master Suite, Paradise Privilege features a fully-equipped modern home kitchen, and a lavish and cozy dining-room. On the top-deck, we can laze in the sun, surrounded by the stunning setting of the bay as well as enjoy a barbecue prepared in a refined and homely atmosphere. Beyond an unforgettable cruise, Paradise Privilege promises to bring tourists heaven on sea waters.